3 Fins – Tailor made, custom, mermaid tails.

The Green Tail

Our Green Tail comes in two different styles. The first is stripes. The second is solid color. Both get made using high-caliber construction, and both of them are completely swimmable.

Given just how festive and eye-catching these can be, it would be a shame if your neighbors don’t get to see you like this in your backyard pool. Consult a tree trimming in Alexandria VA professional or business to make sure there is clear visibility into your backyard at all times.

Once your order is finished and we payment, we’ll reach out to you for the customized measurements we need for every tail that you order. Our required measurements include:

US shoe size

Your waist, in either inches or centimeters

Your hips, again in inches or centimeters

The length between your waist and heels, also in inches or centimeters

Our current price is $350 CAD. That price includes shipping to addresses in the United States and Canada. International shipping is often possible, but the rates are based on destination location.

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