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3 Different Ways On How To Swim Like A Mermaid

If you are interested in swimming like a mermaid, there are a few different techniques that will help you move quickly and smoothly through the water. With a bit of practice, and different swimming techniques, it is easy to develop confidence when you are in the water so that you can move onto wearing either a monofin or a tail which will help you to complete the transformation. Here are 3 ways to swim like a mermaid.

1. Practice The Dolphin Kick Motion

If you have ever watched a movie with mermaids in it, you will notice that they move with grace through the water using a full-body wave motion. This is a movement better known as the “dolphin kick”. Once you learn how to master this move it becomes fluid and you will start gliding easily through any body of water. Keep in mind that a “mermaid” dolphin kick happens to be bigger and slower when compared to the competitive and traditional dolphin kick.

When learning the dolphin kick, imagine what a dolphin looks like when it is swimming. The tail fin is used to push the water either down or up. When you learn this move you need to make sure your feet stay together and kick them at the same time. The power for this kick is derived from your core, hips, and legs.

2. Swimming With A Monofin

A monofin is a mermaid tool that provides you with the power to swim faster. Ensure that the monofin is adjusted tightly and that it fits the size of your foot.

3. Wearing A Mermaid Tail

Wearing a mermaid tail while you are swimming adds a difficulty level that creates more drag caused by the fabric of the tail. You cannot cheat with a tail since your legs and knees are forced together. When you wear a tail you can now swim just like a real mermaid.

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