3 Fins – Tailor made, custom, mermaid tails.

The Pink Tail

Pink Tail Mermaid Fabrics

If you’re curious about swimming through water like a mermaid, then you can do so with a variety of techniques that let you move elegantly through a liquid medium. It only takes some practice to master a few swimming styles to develop enough skill and confidence in looking like a mermaid. You can wear a tail or a monofin to finish the overall visual aesthetic.

If you have a deck builder put the right porch over your swimming pool behind your home, you can actually put on mermaid shows for kids, family, and friends. Having said that, the Pink Tail only comes in stripey fabrics right now, but more styles will be available later in the future.

Once your order is finished and we get payment, we’ll reach out to you about customized measurements for every tail that you decide to order. In either inches or centimeters, we need to know your hips, waist, and length between waist and heels. We also need your US shoe size.

The price is $350 CAD. That price includes shipping anywhere inside Canada and the United States. International shipping to any other countries is variable based on location.

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